Student (now teacher Spotlight – SERENAH ZITOUNI

Serenah has been a student at MDMT for many years, and became one of the top marking students at grade 8 level.

Since starting guitar, Serenah moved from one grade to the next, with the help of plenty of practice and a hunger to improve. Serenah adopted a very blues like style, borrowing from the likes of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Gary Moore.

Serenah sat her grade 8 last year and earned a whopping 96%, the highest grade 8 mark within MDMT. After studying music at A level through a shared education program with Bangor Grammar school, she went on to study music at the University of Ulster at Magee.

Not only has Serenah impressed friends and family with her guitar skills, she’s caught the eye of many bands across NI and has graced many stages at the like of the Empire Music Hall, Enler Delta Blues Club and the Wilgar Blues Festival, playing alongside some of the finest musicians in the country.

Serenah is now a guitar teacher and takes the Saturday guitar lessons at the MDMT studio. So if you want to learn from a fine guitarist and teacher, Serenah can help!

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